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  • Behind the Scenes: Wreck It

    Metropolitan School of the Arts' spring show is always a massive undertaking. And with six shows spread across four days, with no dress rehearsal except for the ensemble, it was even more so this year. Each show was shot live with a full audience.

    For the past several days, I’ve been sorting and culling through my photos of the performances, looking for the best ones that are most representative of the hard work put in by the staff and students. I’m still winnowing them down, but it looks like there will be more than 1,000 from the six shows when all is said and done.

    Over the next several days, I will post highlights here as well as to MSA’s Facebook and SmugMug page ( The photos will be posted as follows:

    • Principals and Ensemble — Shows 1, 3, 5

    • Principals and Ensemble — Shows 2, 4, 6

    • Non-ensemble dances performed in all six shows

    • Non-ensemble dances performed in at least three shows • Individual class dances — albums for each show.

    Today, we’re kicking things off with some random captures, most taken before the final performance last Sunday evening. With a couple of exceptions, I’m saving the more colorful ones for later. Hope you like them.