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  • World Series: Game 1 Observations

    World Series Game 1 thoughts/opinions/questions:
    1. That Soto kid might have a future in this. Hope liquor doesn't get in the way when he's legal to drink.

    2. Was this karma for the Astros' bungling of the assistant GM comments? Exception to that: A.J. Hinch’s response was thoughtful, appropriate, and spot-on.

    3. Nerd stat: Gerritt Cole was 19-0 in his last 25 starts prior to Tuesday. The last time he lost, the Nationals' record was 19-30. That's just crazy.

    4. It was beyond appropriate that Zimmerman scores the first run in the Nats’ World Series history. On a monster home run, no less.

    5. Springer’s blast reminded me of 2017. Zimmerman’s reminded me of 2005-2011.

    6. When Martinez brought on Rainey in the 7th, I misspoke and referred to the relievers as the Redskins bullpen. Thank goodness THAT wasn't the case.

    7. I'm tellin' ya, this feels like 2017, but with a different team.

    8. I love baseball, but my internal organs (specifically heart and liver) are ready for it to be over.