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  • Keep It Rolling

    I snapped these two photos while waiting for the subway in New York City on Friday night. Culling through some of the pics taken on a driving trip from Virginia to Maine, they seem to be an apt visual metaphor for this time.

    This week, I'm attending a photography workshop about an hour north of Portland as I try to further develop pieces around "The Resilience Project." This is the first professional development I've taken in photography since starting my business, and I'm hopeful it can lead to a further expansion of skills and vision in a medium I feel I still know so little about.

    2019 has brought an ongoing series of transitions along with a slew of work from new and existing clients. The result is an outrageously busy period of travel all over the country and extended time completely out of my comfort zone. I'm very grateful to my family (biological and extended) and to my clients for your ongoing support.

    Let's keep rolling down the track. #embracechallenges