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  • The Status Update

    As everyone knows, 2013 sucked for our family. Although I hesitate to say anything for fear of jinxing it, this year has started out much better, at least for us.

    Of course, we still are having to deal with the challenges of parenting three teens (plus a fourth who is staying with us) as well as the random yet systematic failure of appliances (last week the kids’ toilet; this week, the dryer).

    That caveat aside, we have many reasons to be thankful. And for that I am grateful.

    I’ve spent some time this evening updating the blog and, with spring just around the corner (I hope), decided to look back on the first 2+ months of the year. Not surprisingly, given this winter, I’ve written a number of minor treatises on the weather. But there have been others, too…

    A quick recap:


    • Dec. 31: Goodbye unlucky 13 to the 20th power. Here's hoping that things even out in 2014... Wishing the best for all of you in the coming months!

    Jan. 8 (first weather post of 2014): Damn, compared to yesterday, I'm thinking it's time to break out the shorts and flip-flops.

    Jan. 17: Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes, and especially to Jill, Ben, Emma, Kate, and Nicholas for the gifts of caring and time. I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate it...

    Jan. 20: “Veep” overdub in D.C. Ben’s episode airs April 13!

    Jan. 22: Self-employment note of the day: Home is not your office when the kids are off from school, but a 24-hour IHOP will do just fine.

    Jan. 27: This month has been crazy busy, in a good way, with three photo assignments, a couple of freelance articles, and a couple of RFPs for new business. (Keep 'em coming, folks...)

    Add to that a quick 24-hour trip to New York (4 degrees is not cool, no matter what anyone says), my birthday, kids being out of school more than in, and what soon will be Jill's most hectic week of the year. And, well, whew...


    Feb. 1: Having a beer with my oldest son while waiting for Jill to finish her meeting...

    Feb. 2: Incredibly sad and sorry to hear of the death of Philip Seymour Hoffman. A real tragedy made worse by the fact that he has three small children. 

    • Feb. 2: OK, folks, the Super Bowl is over, and we've now entered one of the dead zones of the sports season. If you're looking for something to do, go to my photo page, give me a "like," and then start some sort of competition to see which photos you and your friends like among my photos the most.

    I'm all for something like that, but I must let you know that you'll never get a large TV contract or vast amounts of wealth and riches. But, hey, if you're seeking something to do on those missing TV days, look me up. And remember, I'm always up for something that brings me new business, but that's a different story...

    Feb. 3: Received a great surprise this weekend: a two-day visit from my oldest son, Nicholas. It was so nice to have him up here with nothing on the family agenda, giving us the chance to visit, talk, and take pictures. Thanks, son!

    Feb. 3 (another weather post): From yesterday's beautiful sunrise to this?!? Yep, must be Monday.

    Feb. 3 (Daily Double): All I can say about the weather is, "Damn that groundhog."

    Feb. 10: Thought for a random Monday: Fear of success is embracing failure.

    Feb. 11: CNN (not): After hearing the forecast for this week, groundhogs across the nation went into hiding for fear of becoming extinct.

    Feb. 12: I understand that Facebook is picking "Suggested Posts" based on my profile, job status, etc., but I'm beginning to think I'm stuck in a long-ago Amway or HSN commercial. It's frightening on many, many levels.

    Feb. 16: Parenting Payback 101: Going to see Walter White while my kids see Carly Rae Jepsen and The Nanny. Only drawback is that I won't get to visit with two of my favorite “Billy” alums.

    Feb. 22: O'Hare's TSA line is the grocery store checkout from hell.


    March 2: I wish I knew the things I thought I’d know by now.

    March 3: Oscar observation: Hi-def and Botox = Bad Mix

    March 3 (and again, the weather): Dear Mother Nature: Get some Depends, visit a urologist, consult with Al Gore, choke a groundhog. We don't care, honestly, as long as you stop this now.

    With all due respect... The 50 States

    March 6: Enjoyed the opportunity to judge the Excel Awards for Association Media and Publishing (#amp14) today. Had a chance to see a number of old friends and meet new ones. Great to reconnect/connect with you all!

    March 10: Installed the iOS 7.1 update and it comes as advertised: much better performance and not the fluky behavior that's been driving me crazy recently.

    March 11: We’re not even three full days in, but when can I get that hour back?

    March 14: It’s official: Emma has her license!

    March 15 (Yup, the weather): I've had enough of this full moon kind of week. And it looks like Mother Nature is going to try a Full Monty tomorrow. Grrr...

    So that’s it so far, but given that St. Patrick’s Day is coming to a close soon, I must leave you with the last word courtesy of Kate: