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  • For Your Consideration

    John Pavlovitz, a writer and pastor from the Raleigh area, wrote an eloquent piece titled “This is Racism” following the Charlottesville riots. Here is the part that resonated most with me:

    “White people especially need to name racism in this hour, because somewhere in that crowd of sweaty, dead-eyed, raw throated white men are our brothers and cousins and husbands and fathers and children; those we go to church with and see at Little League and in our neighborhoods. They need to be made accountable by those they deem their ‘own kind.’ They need to know that this is not who we are, that we don’t bless or support or respect this. They need white faces speaking directly into their white faces, loudly on behalf of love."

  • In the Wake of Charlottesville

    "Can't we all just get along?" 

    Rodney King made this infamous statement 25 years ago after he was beaten by the Los Angeles police. King was a troubled soul who lived an imperfect life.

    Who has lived a perfect life? Who has made statements about another person based purely on skin color, sexuality, or other physical/social attributes? If you have, whether it was yesterday or 35 years ago, do you regret it? I know I do.

    What the hell is going on in this world? And what the hell is going on in a place 2 to 3 hours from where I live? The taking down of a statue is such a threat that people resort to violence? Was I naive when I thought we had gotten past this?

    The answer to that last question is sadly, horrifyingly obvious.

    I get it. For many people I know, it's an embedded part of your heritage. It's part of mine. That doesn't make it right, no matter how bound we are to celebrating history.

    I have come to understand — by taking a minute and listening, by genuinely trying to look at things from the other side — why these symbols mean such different things to people based on the color of their skin and their experience in this world. And while I still have some of my same beliefs (and, to be honest, you could call them prejudices), I do my best to reconcile what I believe vs. what others know from direct experience and learn/evolve as a husband, parent, and human being.

    What is overwhelmingly evident is that we are doing a lousy job of "just getting along." Because if people truly believed and acted like "all lives matter," the world would be a much better place.