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  • Life in DMV Hell

    A blood draw is preferable and more efficient than a morning in the labyrinth of bureaucracy known as the DMV.

    I went last week to get the tags and title for Bob’s car changed over, sat for more than two hours, and then was told that I had to come back with Jill to sign the paperwork. Why the person who gave me the number to wait in line could not have told me that is beyond me.

    So I came back for Round 2 on Monday. Jill worked from home, which is just over a mile from the DMV office, and agreed to meet me at a reasonable time. What we didn’t realize is that Round 2 is also known as Monday’s revenge

    I decided to channel my growing anger by sarcastically writing into my phone, so here’s what I came up with during the second long wait:

    • Songs on the DMV playlist: Highway to Hell, Misery, Enough is Enough, and that optimistic chestnut — No Good Deed Goes Unpunished.

    • I’m wondering if I could get by with an Argo reference when I finally talk to the DMV rep.

    • DMV oxymoron: Civil servant.

    • R223 obviously didn't have his/her cup of coffee this morning. If he/she doesn't go to Window #5 soon, I think there may be a revolt.

    • There’s no need for lunch today. I've swallowed enough bile to last me a while.

    The good news is that we finally got everything worked out. Took about five minutes — after 4+ hours of waiting.