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  • Another Storm, Another Shoot

    From the “Things that interest me and likely no one else” file…

    Earlier this week, the day after the most recent ice/snowstorm, I drove on Route 1 toward Woodbridge, which is several miles south of our home. I was determined not to get more of the usual “Frozen” shots that I’ve taken (although it’s been fun and I think there are a number of good ones) since the never-ending winter began.

    I happened on a parking lot containing the signs for the new “hot” lanes now under construction on nearby Interstate 95, pulled in, and asked the bored security guy if I could take a few pictures. He shrugged, said OK, and probably wondered what the hell I was doing.

    Afterward, I decided to drive up the slightly icy path that leads to the Lazy Susan Dinner Theater, a venerable institution that is in operation after 40 years, and the nearby nightclub. Both are closed for the winter, but the lone employee working there — and shoveling ice in a fur coat — let me walk around and take a few more shots.

    This is the result…

    For more from the shoot, check out the album on my Facebook page here.