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  • What A Day...!

    Today is one of those days in which you celebrate and shake your head at the same time when you look around and see what is occurring in this country.

    Gay Marriage Decision

    I know many people who are thrilled and overjoyed by the Supreme Court's ruling today, and many who believe that the institution of marriage should remain as it has for centuries. My two cents: At least in this instance, it's nice to see that "all" truly means everyone, regardless of race, creed, gender, socioeconomic status, or sexual orientation. For once, we got the "all" right.

    Homeschooling Mom and State Board

    A note to my home state: I don’t shock easily, but I could not help but be infuriated by the announcement that Texas Gov. Greg Abbott wants a homeschooling mom who has never sent her children to public school to chair the State Board of Education. WTH? In a word: ridiculous.

    A Bumpy Ride

    I used to love Frontier Airlines (my 2nd favorite behind JetBlue). It was an older airline with decent legroom even in coach, and a nice selection to watch on TV.

    Things have changed, and not for the better. The TVs and legroom are gone, and the new seats look nice, but they're like sitting in the bleachers. Also, the only thing you get on the 4-hour nonstop flight from DC to Denver is water. You pay extra fees for checked luggage, carry-on luggage and seat assignment. A soda (at least you get the can) costs $1.99.

    I realize most airlines are struggling now as the industry consolidates rapidly. But this is ridiculous. Customers are not cattle; if I wanted the "frontier" experience, I could audition for "City Slickers 4."