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  • In the Wake of Charlottesville

    "Can't we all just get along?" 

    Rodney King made this infamous statement 25 years ago after he was beaten by the Los Angeles police. King was a troubled soul who lived an imperfect life.

    Who has lived a perfect life? Who has made statements about another person based purely on skin color, sexuality, or other physical/social attributes? If you have, whether it was yesterday or 35 years ago, do you regret it? I know I do.

    What the hell is going on in this world? And what the hell is going on in a place 2 to 3 hours from where I live? The taking down of a statue is such a threat that people resort to violence? Was I naive when I thought we had gotten past this?

    The answer to that last question is sadly, horrifyingly obvious.

    I get it. For many people I know, it's an embedded part of your heritage. It's part of mine. That doesn't make it right, no matter how bound we are to celebrating history.

    I have come to understand — by taking a minute and listening, by genuinely trying to look at things from the other side — why these symbols mean such different things to people based on the color of their skin and their experience in this world. And while I still have some of my same beliefs (and, to be honest, you could call them prejudices), I do my best to reconcile what I believe vs. what others know from direct experience and learn/evolve as a husband, parent, and human being.

    What is overwhelmingly evident is that we are doing a lousy job of "just getting along." Because if people truly believed and acted like "all lives matter," the world would be a much better place.