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  • The 7 Dwarfs of Menopause

    Jill and I were sitting on the deck the other night, but given the summer heat and humidity, first she had to get her fan. She said it hopefully will help subdue one or more of the seven dwarves (dwarfs?) of menopause.

    Recognizing it for what it was, we then proceeded to develop a list of names. Our winners were: Sleepy, Moody, Grumpy, Sweaty, Angry, Teary and Saggy. (My vote for Crock was summarily dismissed.)

    Jill, who had come up more than half of the names, said I could post the list to Facebook as long as I didn’t include “Bitchy.” (Of course, that was the first one many of the commenters thought about when I presented it.)

    Other suggestions:

    • Is there one word to describe “sweet tooth and eating everything that isn’t nailed down”? (Hungry was a contender for a while, but it didn’t quite hit the mark the way the others did.)

    • Pissy and Forgetful are good ones too. Oh! And slaughterer of the English language

    • Divigel, estradiol, and the other dwarves.

    • Homicidal?

    • Chubby? (Not for Jill but for me!)

    • My menopause story is the opposite of Sleepy. Insomniaty.

    • Snarky? (Just missed the cut…)