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    Switching between live theater and football, here are six (hopefully) constructive things I learned while watching television tonight:

    • TV needs more productions like "The Sound of Music" that employ actors, directors, orchestras, and technicians — not more reality shows. Bravo to NBC for trying something different, even if it wasn't perfect. (Note: Anything live usually isn't.)

    • The Texans-Jaguars game should have been pre-empted by a special broadcast of "Heidi."

    • Carrie Underwood is the Phil Bengston of musical theatre. (For you non-football fans, Bengston replaced Vince Lombardi as the coach of the Green Bay Packers — a no-win situation if there ever was one.) She has a nice voice, but won the role as a ratings draw, not for her acting skills.

    • The Broadway pros on stage (and off) brought some real class to the production, although there were some sound issues that made it difficult to hear. An audible hum seemed to run through our TV set all night. (See the end of my first bullet point.)

    • The Texans are in real danger of getting the #1 pick in the draft, not something anyone would have anticipated at the start of the season. (Losing twice to Jacksonville? Really? Jacksonville?)

    • I'd love to see another live musical on TV soon. How about "Ragtime"? Very relevant. Great music. Wonderful opportunities for staging. I know just the people to do it, too.