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  • Evidence of a Full Moon

    Evidence that it's a cloudy day covering a full moon:

    1) The Redskins won their first-ever game in Miami, defeating a Dolphins team that opted to go for a 2-point conversion in the final seconds on orders from the owner to tank.

    2) I did a four-hour dance shoot that started and ended ... on time.

    3) All three DC teams have won games this weekend. (Of course, the Nationals moving to 2-0 in the NLCS and the Mystics winning the WNBA title are a little more important than the Redskins losing the #1 pick in next year's draft.)

    4) Jill and I saw two friends in the Home Depot parking lot that we hadn't seen in some time. But because of our proximity to Home Depot and its 10th circle of hell-ness, we also witnessed an accident between the car next to us backing into another car. And of course the driver had to be an angry ass-hat who tried to take it out on the other driver until our friends intervened and cooler heads prevailed. But it was further proof that you just never know what will happen anymore.

    5) Home Depot has no pumpkins for sale. Hell, I thought every store in America has pumpkins for sale during the month of October.

    6) We've been under drought-like conditions in Northern Virginia, or so we were told by the National Weather Service yesterday. Today, when carrying paper and cardboard outside, it poured. That is, until we left the soggy cardboard and paper behind and ran inside. No frogs fell from the sky during either event, despite our proximity to members of Congress.

    Did I mention that the Redskins won?

    (Please note there was no mention of the Yankees-Astros game 1. I prefer to think of that as a one-time aberration not caused by the full moon.)

  • Random Thoughts & Observations

    Five random thoughts from the past week:

    • Reminder of the day: The greatest investment you can make in your children is time.

    • I dip my toe back into the increasingly chilly swamp to quote my favorite political line of the last month: “At least the Watergate burglars had the good sense to wear gloves.”

    • One advantage to going to so many Nats postseason games is we’ve built a great collection of hand towels.

    • Ragweed, how I hate thee...

    • And my favorite of the past several days: Well I’ll be damned. We have baseball games to go to next week.

  • ALCS: Is Fate With the Astros?

    The baseball gods seemingly want a Yankees-Dodgers World Series for the first time since I was a teenager. Of course, I remember my heart being broken by the Astros of the late 1970s/early 80s as this happened.

    The 1980 NLCS was a larger heartbreak than any teenage girl. (Not that many teenage girls gave me the time of day, but still...)

    So, to borrow the words of a famous Yankee, I hope and pray that it’s not “deja vu all over again.”

    But the baseball gods have proven over and over that the Marvel universe has nothing on them, so I’m not optimistic...

    Still, go Astros!

  • Politics, Baseball & Other Random Thoughts

    Less than a month out, here are a few more random thoughts about baseball, politics and other things…

    • Is it flu season? Or is this feeling coming because I'm a Nationals fan during the playoffs? At least I can get a shot for the latter by walking to a nearby cabinet.

    • In case you’re wondering what my qualifications are for that last statement, remember that my childhood was spent in the Houston area, where the playoffs and Rolaids marched in solidarity every fall.

    • Dear Mr. Stump: Thank you for proving yet again that misogyny and vitriol are alive and well. I've never seen such anger and hatred in my life as I’m seeing in the days leading up to this election.

    The GOP on November 9.


    • On a somewhat related note, Mr. Obama’s approval rating is higher at this point in his term than any president since Ronald Reagan. Now that, ladies and gentlemen, is what we call a turnaround.

    • Having been to Pittsburgh twice in the past two weeks, I’m beginning to think Pennsylvania is one of those states where the red light and the orange cone should just hook up and call it a night.

    • Speaking of travel, here’s an on-the-road question: Why do hotels that charge $200 a night leave you with single-ply toilet paper?

    • Twitter is the new People Magazine. You can read all you need while sitting on the can.

    • And the best news yet …. The boy has a job for the next couple of weeks!

  • A Series of Random Thoughts

    I’ve been working on a number of different projects recently that have kept me from writing for the blog. However, that hasn’t stopped the random observations from popping up on Facebook, Twitter, and other places:

    Here are a few in case you missed them, along with a couple of blog-only originals:

    On the Parenting Front…

    • In case you're wondering, the writers of "The Middle" get the majority of their material from secret cameras stashed in our house.

    • In terms of the sheer amount of heavy lifting and sweat involved, menial labor has nothing on parenting.

    • Question for those with much higher powers than me (no golf experience required): Is it possible to get a mulligan for the past few weeks? I'd appreciate it...

    • Some days, being the parent of multiple teenagers feels like you have a constant stream of flu symptoms that originated on a remote "Lost"-like island. This is one of those days...

    • "It can wait" — tagline about texting or what you should have said to your child on those rare blissful occasions when you feel a decent night's sleep coming on? Oh well...

    • For a photographer, the phrase "Aww, shoot" takes on a whole new meaning...

    We Have Pictures, Too!

    1. Excuse the language, but anyone who knows me well (or has ridden with me while I'm driving), knows this is the story of my life. Only I would have taken a better picture...

    2. For the man who thinks RedRum is a drink, or a hair color treatment. (I borrowed the photo; the caption is mine.)

    3. Pear-shaped cat walks three steps from suddenly near empty bowl, takes a siesta in protest.

    4. How I’ve felt at times over the past month. Enough said…

    And In General…

    • Call me a master of the obvious, but this was the best headline I read about the Tom Brady saga: "We've wasted 7 months talking about deflated balls."

    • Speaking of the NFL, all of my teams suck again. And that’s reality, not fantasy.

    • There’s no question, however, that sports can teach some great things, as evidenced by this video. If it doesn’t make your day and make you tear up just a little, I’ll be shocked.

    • Now trending on social media: Abby Lee Miller is the illegitimate daughter of Paula Dean. (Just kidding, but I had you there for a moment, didn't I?)

    • Correction of the Month, courtesy of the New York Times: An earlier version of this article misidentified the animal Jacob deGrom broke a finger castrating. It was a calf, not a cow.

    • I had a great time shooting the UNITE to Face Addiction rally on the National Mall earlier this month. It was a fantastic, truly meaningful event. Looking at others’ photos from the day, I found myself in the bottom right corner of one. Kinda cool…

    • Managing my time as a freelancer is much harder than managing people, but it all works out in the end. (I hope...)


    Now I leave you with my favorite political statement from the upcoming elections, courtesy of Mr. Berkeley Breathed, Esq.