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  • Random Thoughts: 2015 Holiday Edition

    Given the craziness that surrounds the month of December in our family, it should come as no surprise that I’m not the most sentimental person when it comes to Christmas. Between the political rhetoric we are seeing on the election trail, the warm weather and the release of the new “Star Wars” movie, it feels a lot more like summer than winter.

    Except for the birthdays, that is.

    Still, that hasn’t stopped me from a new edition of “Random Thoughts: Holiday Edition.” This one collects my favorite randoms from Facebook and Twitter and includes a couple of NSFW photos that you might enjoy.

    Let’s start with the photos… Each illustrates a thought or two below.

    • Donald Trump on the eve of Christmas Eve: "Peace on Earth and goodwill toward ... HA! Who am I fooling?!?"

    • I'm starting to think Mother Nature's timeline was thrown off by the fact that the Hallmark Channel starts showing Christmas movies in July. If Hallmark starts showing college football bowl games, I’m cutting the chord completely on cable. 

    • This “Saturday Night Live” skit reminds me of my father. Sad thing is, Dad couldn't decide whether to stare at his action figures or play with them, making him the eternal tweener when it came to toys. (BTW: The teen in the blue sweater in the commercial is Jeremy Zorek, who was small boy on the “Billy Elliot” tour. Time flies.)

    • Which is the fantasy here: Santa or better presidential candidates? I think it's the latter.

    • Pre-Christmas Saturday: When running a few errands takes on a whole new meaning.

Note to the guy mulling a Home Depot gift card purchase for his spouse: Don't do it.

    • What's the difference between Stump and Trump? One has been chopped down, while the other needs to be...

 If parenting is survival of the fittest, then I really should go to the gym more... 

    • Not a Christmas song. Just one I can’t get out of my head — “Still Trying” by Nathaniel Rateliff.

Want to see some cool pics? Check out my FB page at (Yes, kids, some of us old people still use Facebook.)

    • All fall, something was missing. Turns out it was the master's degree I need to help my kid survive the college app/audition process. (She's doing fine, BTW.)

These posts brought to you by Procrastination (aka a writer stalling while trying to figure out the lead for a freelance story). Grr.

    Thanks to all who've followed my stream of nothingness. Now back to our regularly scheduled programming. #stoptheholidaymadness.

  • OK ... This One is a Little Different

    After a couple of days of sentimental postings, thought you might enjoy this...

    It’s ironic, in this past year of going back and forth to New York, that two shows — “Next to Normal” and “Wishful Drinking” — have involved women who are bipolar.

    Carrie Fisher's one-woman show, "Wishful Drinking," played last year at Studio 54, which is just down the street from our apartment. I never was much for the "Star Wars" phenomenon, but I've long admired her sense of humor and absolute candor in her writing. And "Wishful Drinking," a series of vignettes about her dysfunctional (to use the term lightly) family and her struggles with addiction and bipolar disorder, is extremely candid.

    It's also hysterically funny, and provides anyone with a great deal of intelligent insight into the struggles a person faces when they have this terrible disorder. (More irony in timing: A taped version of “Wishful Drinking” airs on HBO next month, just as the national tour of "Next to Normal" begins and the Broadway version gets ready to close in January.)

    I'm not someone who writes fan letters (my only previous one was to Richard Nixon, when I was 8, nonpartisan, and learning the presidents, but he was a little busy in 1973). So I'm not sure why I decided to write one to Fisher, except that I felt a sense of kinship after seeing the show.

    Here's an excerpt from what I posted to her blog:

    "Hooray, I’m #326! It’s a spot in life I’m familiar with.

    "Not sure if you’ll get this far down the list, but thought it was worth a shot. I’m not your run-of-the-mill, average, never-been-on-a-date “Star Wars” stalker; in fact, I’m a married father of four and writer who happens to be a huge fan of your non-acting career. I’m also the parent of a 12-year-old girl who is bipolar."

    I then went on to explain more about our situation and the roller coaster ride we live and breathe as parents and as a family. I didn't expect anything, really, but a response of some kind would have been nice. 

    Heck, even Nixon sent me a picture of the White House, even though he had a worse PR problem than Fisher does, if you think about it.

    I guess if I had seen my likeness on a Pez dispenser and been chased by the founders of Comic Con, I wouldn't bother to respond either.

    So much for fan mail.