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  • Random Thoughts: More Trump Tweets

    A few recent tweets related to the White House mess…

    • Tonight on Fantasy Island: The tapes boss! They'll find the tapes! Or it's a remake of "Hell Can Wait." You pick.

    • What are the odds that Rosenstein hears the words, "You're fired"? #ImpeachTrumpPence

    • My Facebook was hacked when Trump did something involving Mike Flynn. Now it happened right after Comey was sent packing. Coincidence, or is my paranoia showing?

    • "Describe this administration in 2 words."

    "I'll give it a shot."

    (Pretends to think about it.)

    "Shit show."

    "Correct! You win nothing!"

  • Random Thoughts: Ten Trump Tweets

    Here are 10 tweets about our current government situation from the last month (give or take). Note: I'm not a fan, so please feel free to move to the next post if you are easily offended.

    • Arsenic in the Clown Car: Mike Flynn. Yep, the guy who shouted "lock her up" and said anyone seeking immunity is admitting guilt is trying to avoid jail by asking for that same protection. Sure, Mike, sure.

    • FDR: New Deal. DJT: No deal.

    • Don't say you didn't say it. You did. Take responsibility. Admit that threading the legislative needle is tough. That would be true change.

    • When you try to "drain the swamp," sometimes the alligators and ogres get pissed and bite back. #trumpcare #SavetheACA

    • Broadway's new show! April Fools Day: The Kellyanne Conway Revue. Songs: Ain't Misbehavin, Razzle Dazzle, Sue Me, and Making Things Up Again

    • Trump speech drinking games? Shots for every word with 2 or more syllables? I think I'll find a sports bar instead.

    • America's new standard of excellence: Acting like a normal person. Hell, if he'd done that well on The Apprentice, he would have an Emmy.

    • When you think he's acting presidential, ask: How many reality shows are really real? Then say "reality shows are really real" 5 times fast.

    • The phrase "Trumpcare" is an oxymoron in and of itself. #Trumpcare

    • Contradiction: He puts his name on everything ... everything. And yet, he doesn't seem to want the health care bill to bear his name. #bs