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  • Honda Odyssey: 2007-2015

    At one point in my journalism career, I wrote obituaries for a living. This one, written today, is more difficult than I thought:

    The Cook Family Honda Odyssey, age 8, died Wednesday after a lengthy and valiant fight with mileage, age, and excessive schlepping. It had 151,404 miles.

    Purchased while our children were participating in a dance recital, the Odyssey was preceded in death by a Ford Galaxy and a Nissan Quest, the latter of which carried the four Cook children for more than 100,000 miles as well. Appropriately named, the Odyssey saw much of the United States during its lifetime, traveling up and down the East Coast from North Carolina to New York. During its final year, it made last gasp trips to Chicago, Cleveland, Manhattan, and Orlando, loyally carrying its cargo despite the failure of multiple organs/parts/pieces.

    The family decided not to pursue further life-saving measures when it became obvious that the cost of doing so would greatly outweigh the benefits. Given the fact that the children have, are, or will be moving on in the next year or so, the owners decided it was time to downsize and put the vehicle out of its misery.

    A brief goodbye was held Wednesday afternoon in the parking lot of Hendrick Honda as Jill Cook, primary driver of family vans over the past 18 years, delivered a short but touching eulogy. She was last seen driving off in a new CR-V, singing aloud to a Maroon 5 song on Sirius XM radio.

    In lieu of flowers, memorials may be sent to a special fund set up to pay off said CR-V. Contact the Cook family if you are interested in making a donation to offset the replacement costs incurred during this exhaustive process.


    Glenn Cook, Lorton, Va.