I have been deeply impressed with Glenn Cook's professional skill set. He is a powerful, persuasive storyteller with a remarkable eye as a photographer. He has the unique ability to capture the essence of an event, situation, organization, or message and convert that into a memorable, high-impact visual and written story. I highly recommend him.

Tom DeLapp
President, Communication Resources for Schools

Glenn is a consummate professional who easily combines creativity and innovation with a keen knowledge of the communications, writing and publishing worlds. His expertise in these connected fields is based on many years of hands-on and authentic experience.

Anne Foster
Executive Director at Parents for Public Schools

I would recommend Glenn on many levels. First, he is a strong and thoughtful leader. ... Glenn takes holistic approaches to situations and understands the way it should all fit together. He is an outstanding writer, editor, journalist, and team player understanding that success in publications is not without design, nor ad sales, nor readers.

Christine O'Donnell
President & CEO, Colorado Lodging Association

I had the great pleasure of working with Glenn while I served as president of the National School Boards Association. Glenn was a superb ambassador for NSBA, coupling his enormous writing and editing talent with the eye of an artist. ... Glenn is also a delight with whom to work — insightful, thoughtful, and kind.

Mary Broderick
Education Consultant 

It would be a privilege to work with Glenn again. He is a valuable partner, an insightful and innovative colleague, and talented media and publishing professional. He knows how to effectively build and nurture strategic relationships with the business community for the best possible results for all involved.

Marlene Hendrickson
Director, Publishing and Marketing, American Staffing Association

Glenn Cook is easily one of the most creative communicators and inspirational leaders I've ever worked with. Any of Glenn's talents — writing, editing, photography, communications strategy, management — would make him highly employable by themselves. His ability to combine them makes him an even more valuable asset to any organization facing the need for effective communications aimed at diverse audiences.

Russell Woolard
Senior writer-editor at MITRE Corporation 

Any client who hires him will be pleased by his high quality work, creativity, reliability and professionalism. We have worked closely in allied organizations that both seek to improve public education through communications. Let him help you solve a problem or achieve a goal. Be prepared to get more than you pay for.

Eric Randall
New York State School Boards Association 

Glenn is an excellent storyteller and photographer. He has an amazing journalistic gift and I would be proud to work with him.

Kim Howard, CAE
Award-winning association/nonprofit communications executive

I met Glenn when we served together on the board of directors for Association Media and Publishing. During that time, I grew to know him as a dedicated professional, who is highly knowledgeable in publishing and strategic planning. He has a thoughtful and measured approach, ensuring recommendations are grounded in experience and best practices. He was a pleasure to work with and a valuable team member.

Leslie McGee
Managing Editor at the Oncology Nursing Society

A painter receives accolades for the ability to paint a picture that moves you to an emotion. Glenn uses words and images in the same way. I have had the privilege of working with Glenn over the past 8 years and found the articles and stories he creates paint a picture for every reader.

Gene Broderson
Assistant Executive Director, National School Boards Association

Simply put, Glenn Cook is professionalism personified. Glenn is well connected and has the skill set to help any organization that wants to share their message. He's a "can't miss," guaranteed!

Dan Schlafer
Federal Programs Director at Monroe County School System, Tennessee

Glenn Cook is a talented, hardworking leader everywhere he goes. ,,, He brings energy, new ideas and dedication that any business or industry should welcome.

Nell Rose
Board chairman, Rockingham County Schools, Eden, N.C.


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